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4 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Articles

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  3. James Kostelniuk

    I read The Great Wattpad Experiment you posted. Thank you for the valuable information. I have a non-fiction book that was published by HarperCollins Toronto in 2000. Now I own the rights to the book and it still sells moderately on Amazon. I’m thinking of taking your advice to publish the same, chapter by chapter, one week at a time on Wattpad. Doing what you did successfully with your own novel. Here’s my question: Where did you get the cover art for the novels you published on Wattpad? Question 2: How well does romantic fiction do as a category on Wattpad?

    • Linda

      Hi, James! I’m glad you found my information useful. To answer your questions: (1) I had professional designers for all my covers except Shadow of Doubt (but a professional cover is in the works for that one, too). And (2) I believe romance is the most popular genre on Wattpad…which would reflect the fact that it’s the most popular fiction genre in the world, period.

      Good luck with your own Wattpad experiment. Not sure how well non-fiction does there, but it’s certainly worth a try. Keep me posted on how things go!

      Happy New Year!

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