Grant me patience…but hurry! – Linda Poitevin

Grant me patience…but hurry!

I've decided that I'm in the wrong business.

Oh, I'm not going to give it up anytime soon, but I'm definitely in the wrong business.

You see, things in the publishing industry tend not to move very quickly. Books take time to write, editors have their own schedules, cover design takes time, and then–even when you've got your book all edited and prettified and ready to go–you can't just go and toss it out into the world on a whim.

Well, I suppose you could…but chances are pretty good that it won't do what you want it to do (i.e. sell 😛 ).

Publishing, it turns out, takes patience.

And I, it turns out, am not very good at that.

Or maybe raising three kids just wore it out of me…

But I digress. 😉

The point is, Shadow of Doubt is ready to go, and it's absolutely killing me not to release it RIGHT NOW. I'm dying to get it into your hands and see what you think of it.

Dy. Ing.

But instead, I've scheduled a launch date (May 10th…thank you for asking 😉 ), put it up for preorder, sent out ARCs (advance reader copies) to reviewers, scheduled a whole whack of promotion for it, and…

And now I wait.

Which is exactly how traditional publishers do things, by the way. But they don't have to wrestle with the constant temptation of pushing that little ‘release now' button every. Single. Day.

So what's an author to do while she waits (apart from staring at the little button and chewing her nails down to the quick)?

Well, in my case, I'm working on finishing the next novella in the Ever After series, and I should be wrapping up the first draft this week. (Yes, yes, I know. I was supposed to finish in February. Turns out focus isn't always my strong point, either. 😉 ) Ooh…and I started working on my new supernatural thriller idea, too! (I only have three paragraphs so far, but that totally counts, right? Totally. 😛 ) And finally…I've put together a kick-ass giveaway that you guys are going to love. It's the best one ever, I swear. And I'm so excited to share it with you!

Only trouble is, it doesn't start until next month. And now I have to wait patiently for that, too. Sigh…I'm not doing myself any favours here, am I?

What's that? Now you're impatient, too?

Um…you're welcome? 😀

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Angela LeBlanc - April 10, 2018 Reply

You should mention that it doesn’t start until May in the newsletter. I would love to win this giveaway.

    Linda - April 10, 2018 Reply

    It’s up and running now, Angela…good luck! 🙂

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