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4 Hold Your Breath: A Review

It’s been a really, really long time since I set aside an entire day for reading just so I could finish a book…but that’s exactly what I did on Monday for Katie Ruggle’s Hold Your Breath. Because wow…can that lady tell a story! Keep reading for my thoughts–and for your chance to win a copy of […]


33 Nifty New Swag!

Check these out! They arrived in yesterday’s mail…and are they cool, or what? I’m always on the lookout for things I can brand and give away to readers. For me, the hallmark of really great swag is that it’s something that readers will find useful, want to keep, and (ideally) be able to use where […]


6 The Mysterious Case of the Missing Zucchini

If you think it would be difficult to misplace two rather large zucchinis, you don’t know me very well. Because I’ve managed to do so. Two very large zucchinis, to be exact. Measuring roughly 15 inches each. I picked them out of the garden yesterday, and I remember carrying them around with me while I did a […]


The Book of Eve: A Review

My name is Linda, and it has been more than a year since I posted my last review. Full confession? It’s been almost that long since I even read a book, never mind reviewed it. sigh But life is calmer now (shhh! don’t tell the universe I said that!), and so here you go: my thoughts on The Book […]


Of Potatoes and Fond Memories

One of the things I love about my Facebook community is how other people are so willing to share their own stories there. When I posted this picture on my Facebook page the other day, one reader told me about how her father tried (and failed) to convince her and her siblings that potatoes were treasures […]


2 The Muddly Month of June: Reflections on Joy & Sorrow

June is a bit of a muddly month for me. Yes, I know muddly isn’t an actual word, but it’s the one I came up with that best encompasses the muddled muddiness I face at this time of year…a time that brings with it both great celebration and profound sadness. You see, twenty-three years and […]

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