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Eyes! I See Eyes!

I have a thing about eyes when I write, and I blame it on my sister. In the first draft of my stories, my characters gaze, stare, glance, look, scowl, frown, and glower far more than any reader needs – or wants – to know. They do so piercingly, intensely, assessingly, steadily, unwaveringly, and in […]


Letting Go

I’m in the final stretch of writing for SINS OF THE SON, the second book in The Grigori Legacy, and I am struggling. Not with the story – well, not currently, anyway  🙂 – but with writing the end of it. Why? Because I’ve figured out I don’t like endings. For me, they’re just too […]


Book Buzz

There’s a little bit of excitement happening in my corner of the world! SINS OF THE ANGELS isn’t due to hit the shelves until September, but it is already finding its way onto TBR lists — how awesome is that??? (Not that I’m excited about it or anything, as might be indicated by an overabundance of question and […]


A Work in Progress

So, it turns out that a side-benefit to having an awesome agent is that she looks out for your interests on multiple fronts. After reviewing my new website, Becca has made a number of excellent suggestions to improve the overall concept. I’ve met with one of my design team to go over some ideas, and we […]



And so, without further ado, I present my brand new website. I really, really hope you like it, because I think it’s the most beautiful thing EVER. And the coolest part? The entire design was done by a group of graphic arts students at Algonquin College in Ottawa as their end-of-year project. A team of […]

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