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Thoughts on a birthday

I turn 58 years old today. That makes me five years older than my father was when he died, and five years younger than my mother was when she died. It’s a weird place to be. And it leads to some interesting introspection. The days pass so quickly now. On some, I feel older than my […]


2 In praise of dogs

A few months ago, it occurred to me that, in all the books I had written (nine at the time), I had never once included a pet. Why not? I have no idea. Especially given that so many pets share my own home… or run it, depending on your perspective. (If you follow me on […]


A Book of Firsts

So this is happening later this week… The release of Abigail Always, the newest book in the Ever After series, takes place on Friday, March 29. And I am so beyond happy. I’ll be honest, though. This was a tough story to write (and took four tries to get the ending right)–for a lot of reasons. First, […]


Chills, Thrills & Supernatural Spills!

Guess what, guess what, guess what!!! Wait. A brief catch-up, first, because it’s been a little while ahem since I last posted here, and a few  things double ahem have happened. So, very quickly, here’s the re-cap: Now that I have my rights back to the Grigori Legacy series (I told you about that, right? If not…surprise! I […]


4 Impact vs. Intent: The Unintended Consequences of Writing it Safe

Fact: I am a cis-gender, heterosexual white woman. I was born and remain unquestioningly female; and I have been happily (more or less 😉 ) married to the same man for 31 years next month. Fact: Up until now, all my stories have been about cis-gender, heterosexual white people. Fact: That is about to change. […]


8 Writing Through (and Despite?) the Chaos

The human condition is a flawed one indeed. The past year or so has made that painfully, excruciatingly obvious. And I gotta tell you, there have been many times I’ve wondered not just why I continue writing stories of love and hope and triumph but whether I even should, because it feels so…trivial sometimes. Never […]

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