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3 Guest Post: The Chaotic Creativity of Laura Hunsaker

I have a special treat for you today — a guest post from romance author Laura Hunsaker! I know Laura from Twitter, where she has the delightful moniker of Highland Hussy and is great fun to chat with, which is how I learned that she has a recent new release. And because we can all […]


3 Life + Creativity = Chaos

Sometimes… Sometimes, despite our very best intentions (and efforts), creativity just… doesn’t go as planned. Like when the weather turns so cold that your poor, ancient, blockheater-less vehicle needs to be parked in your garage, and your workshop space disappears, and your list of projects begins to grow at an alarming rate. And then the […]


Creativity in the midst of chaos

Dear gods above, it has been A. WEEK. O.o Insurrection. Political insanity. COVID numbers skyrocketing. And I don’t know how many other awful bits of news that have been buried in the avalanche of just the above. (I’m frankly scared to look into it.) You know that saying, “May you live in interesting times?” I’d […]


Testing… testing… Is this thing on?

*Writer walks up to blog ‘microphone’ and taps it. A loud squeal emerges. She clears her throat.* Hey, there, she says. Long time, no blog, amIright? Like… a really, really long time. But I think (maybe) my dry spell here is over, thanks to Jenny Trout and her recent Year of Chaotic Creation post. Because […]


Thoughts on a birthday

I turn 58 years old today. That makes me five years older than my father was when he died, and five years younger than my mother was when she died. It’s a weird place to be. And it leads to some interesting introspection. The days pass so quickly now. On some, I feel older than my […]


4 In praise of dogs

A few months ago, it occurred to me that, in all the books I had written (nine at the time), I had never once included a pet. Why not? I have no idea. Especially given that so many pets share my own home… or run it, depending on your perspective. (If you follow me on […]

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