Another new cover! And an e-book!!! – Linda Poitevin

Another new cover! And an e-book!!!

If you've checked my website's home page or my Facebook author page lately, you may have noticed the quiet addition of something new…as in a new cover for Shadow of Doubt, along with a long-awaited release date!

It's true. After waffling back and forth for months (sorry about that!) on the digital version of the book that went to audio first, I've finally got everything in place for a May release. Starting with a spiffy new cover from Kanaxa.

“…a thrilling ride of romantic suspense. Kate and Jonas literally sizzle off the pages. I loved every word!” – Holly S. Roberts, USA Today bestselling author of the Hotter Than Hell series

Don't you love it? Does that lady's face say “don't mess with me” or what, amIright? She is soooo exactly as I pictured Kate Dexter! And him? Oh yeah. He works, too. 😀

And look! I saved the best news for last: Shadow of Doubt is already up for pre-order, so you can buy it now and watch it magically appear on your e-reader on May 10th. Because if you love a high-action, high-stakes, edge-of-your-seat kind of novel with a ton of romantic tension? You're going to want this one as soon as it's out.

Happy ordering! And have a fantastic weekend!

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