The Nine Choirs of Angels

Angel mythology varies widely depending on the source – and it isn’t exclusive to Christianity. Angels, or angel-like creatures, can be found in many religions, including Judaism, Islam, Celtic and Norse mythology, Hinduism, and Buddhism. For the world behind The Grigori Legacy, I drew most heavily on Christian mythology, in which nine choirs of angels can be found – two in the Old Testament, and seven more in the New Testament. The names of these choirs vary according to source, as does their level of importance, so a certain amount of literary license came into play for storytelling purposes.

Here, then, is the angel world behind The Grigori Legacy in descending order of status.


In mythology, Archangels rank near the bottom of the hierarchy (usually as the second or third choir) and often appear as God’s messengers to people. The Archangel Michael is credited with leading heaven in its battle against Satan and his followers. In The Grigori Legacy, Archangels are the highest choir and the most powerful of all angels; they are the One’s warriors as well as her enforcers within Heaven itself.









The Seraphim rank as the ninth and highest choir in mythology, acting as God’s attendants. In The Grigori Legacy, they move below the Archangels and become Heaven’s administrators, with the Highest Seraph being the Executive Administrator.







Placed as the seventh choir in The Grigori Legacy. In mythology, they regulate the duties of other angels; in the story, they become overseers of the Powers.







The sixth choir of angels in some sources and the fourth in others. I went with the sixth. Powers are considered warrior angels opposing evil forces in mythology – I expanded on this theme to make them hunters of the Fallen Ones in The Grigori Legacy.







The Thrones make up the seventh choir in mythology  and play the role of intermediaries between the other choirs and God. They are also angels of pure peace and submission. In The Grigori Legacy they drop to fifth place and their role remains undecided for the moment.







The second choir in most sources, these angels are sometimes portrayed as hostile to God. Other sources describe them as overseeing groups of people and interceding on behalf of nations. In The Grigori Legacy, they move to the fourth choir and become scribes, recording all heavenly and earthly events.







Usually ranked by sources as the second-highest choir, the Cherubim make up the third choir in The Grigori Legacy. Their role in mythology is pretty vague and they don’t yet play a role in the books.








The fifth choir in mythology, Virtues govern all of nature. As Earth pretty much runs itself in The Grigori Legacy, they’ve been seriously demoted and have become the second choir and the administrative assistants of Heaven.








Usually referred to by sources as Angels, but always ranked lowest. Their role of assisting humans is the same in both mythology and The Grigori Legacy.