A peek at some of the mythology behind the Grigori Legacy world.

An Archangel’s Defiance (prequel to the Grigori Legacy)

Anger. Disillusionment. Betrayal. Mika’el faced off against his Creator as the emotions, utterly foreign to him, tore at the essence of who he was, what he was supposed to be. Take away free will? The One couldn’t be serious. She couldn’t possibly think that was a solution. The very idea was…monstrous. But on the other … Read More

The Nine Choirs of Angels

Angel mythology varies widely depending on the source – and it isn’t exclusive to Christianity. Angels, or angel-like creatures, can be found in many religions, including Judaism, Islam, Celtic and Norse mythology, Hinduism, and Buddhism. For the world behind The Grigori Legacy, I drew most heavily on Christian mythology, in which nine choirs of angels … Read More

Who Were the Grigori?

The Grigori were another choir of angels that were dispatched to Earth to observe humans. Unfortunately, they did rather more than that, sharing forbidden knowledge with us and mating with human women, which resulted in them being cast from heaven – or “falling.” The children of the angel/human relationship were the Nephilim – a race of … Read More

Lucifer’s Story

While Lucifer is generally thought of today as synonymous with the devil, Christian tradition actually holds him as being an Archangel (or a Cherub, in some sources) whose pride caused him to rebel against God. For this sin, Lucifer was cast out of heaven along with approximately one-third of the host. In Latin, the name … Read More